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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Progress at Last :)))

We were once warned that everything takes three times as long and costs three times as much when trying to renovate an old boat, and we have found this to be true. It has, for example, taken us six months longer than expected to pay for Enola and almost a year longer than planned to get her out of the water, but we have finally made it :) The marina lifted Enola out of the pontoon where she has been berthed for the past three years and placed her in a well-sheltered spot with enough room to work on her comfortably. I missed the lift as am still working away for most of the time, but Ady was there for most of it. Everything went without a hitch. Here's some photos:

Getting Enola out of the water was the first of several goals that we have set ourselves. The next is that of buying a truck or van of some sort. At present, I work away from home for most of the time (4 weeks on 1 week off) and Ady has been living with my uncle, Fred, which has been great, but we really need a chez nous (our place), and living aboard while working on Enola will simply not be possible as we plan to completely gut her out.... so we now need to save for a home. We reckon that it will take at least 2-3 years to renovate Enola, so we need something that can become a long-term home.... in the meantime, I will carry on working away so that we can get some cash together. After that, I will be reducing my work commitments so that I spend more time at home :) Must admit, can't wait...

Ady has spent the past few days giving Enola a thorough jet wash and he is also busy sorting out everything aboard - we have so much bloody tat you would't believe, especially for two people who are technically homeless :) and there's loads of boat tat on board, so we are now looking to buy a shed or something to store it all in. Then, our next step is to start on the decks, which currently leak....

We are planning to park up in the marina car park, and I must say it will be a beautiful place to live .... The marina is just on the edge of a huge nature reserve, which is full of a variety of sea birds, including a few rare species, and the coastal paths are lovely to walk along. We are also in the country, so are surrounded by ponies, woodlands, and lots of lanes that are brilliant for foraging... We always try to spend a few nights on board Enola when I'm back, and both love being surrounded by the sounds of the wind and waves... so lovely to fall asleep too. Anyway, until next time...

Love to all and Blessed Be

Suzie & Ady Xx

Sunday, July 15, 2012


This is just a quick update as it has been some time since we last blogged! Enola remains in the pontoon at Emsworth, but we do plan to get her lifted out of the water within the next few weeks. Ady has begun sanding down various bits and bobs, but she needs to be in a dry dock for him to be able to begin sanding the decks down - a job that we want to get done before the winter sets in. As such, we are currently taking everything off her (to make her as light as possible). We will get photographs of the lift and post them on here.

Love to all
Suzie and Ady Xx

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


It is a cold, rainy morning here on Enola. We moved on the boat yesterday, while I'm on a week's break from work, and it feels fantastic. For those who don't know, I'm a live-in carer, so am often away for weeks at a time - but that is how we are paying for the boat :). Ady also works full-time as a sous-chef, so he won't be able to do a lot of work aboard her for the next few months as his time will be limited. However, he will be making sure she is as waterproof as possible, and, at the moment, there are leaks coming though into just about every part of her, so we have saucepans, etc, catching the plip splatter plops :))) Still love it though :))) We have an automatic pump that keeps the bilges dry (the rain water drips down and gathers in there).

The good thing though is that Enola is warm! She is equipped with a diesel heater and it is honestly too hot at times, but we will ultimately look at other ways of heating her because our main goal is to live as self-sufficient as possible. At the moment, however, we are concentrating on getting her paid for while also being as comfy as possible, so things like wood burners will have to wait a while. We would, nevertheless, like to get her insulated as soon as possible. In fact, it is one of the first jobs we plan to do, but like everything else, it will probably have to wait until we have paid for her. Still here are snug and warm, if not a little damp, but happy.

Sending light and love ... and happy Winter Solstice to you all xx Suzie and Ady xx

Friday, November 25, 2011


Well, we have just become the proud sort-of owners of a beautiful historic vessel, and in one year (when she is paid for), we will be the full owners. What luck! Enola was built as a "Gentleman's Luxury Motor Yacht" in  1928, but today needs an awful lot of TLC to bring her back to her original beauty. While the hull is sound (the previous owners spent a considerable amount of money bring them up to scratch), the upper half of the boat needs extensive work. Besides having to strip the decks, which leak, the interior of the boat needs complete refurbishment, including fitting a new galley (kitchen) and bathroom. At present, we have no running water on her, the bathroom is filled with boxes of god knows what (lots of spare parts and bits and bobs) and one of the masts (the other is lost), which is broken. Nevertheless, we have ample living space, and we do have a working galley with a sink we can empty the water down :) Such luxury! Fortunately, the marina has a shower block and loos. But we are happy and loving every minute of living aboard.

Here are a few photos of Enola's interior, including the work that was done on the hull:

Ballasts made of pig-iron 

The Galley

The Wheelhouse

Some of the stages showing the work that was done on her hull ...

And, finally, some more of the exterior ...

More to come soon ... Blessed Be
Love to all, Suzie and Ady xxx